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Curriculum vitae


Our professional domains of translation:

Translation of legal texts  

Translation of contracts, patents and balances
- Translation of various kinds of contracts: contract on lease, contract on employment, sales contract, temporary service contract, contract on loan and lease  
- Translation of annual final reports  
- Translation of school certificates and public documents  
- Translation of certificates and expert analyses
- Diplomas, occupations
- Translation of statutes, legal guidelines and regulations  
- Translation of legal professional bibliography  
- Patent right, tax right and administrative right  
- Circulation law and cartel law
- Writing of various letters, complaints, requests for pension
- Filling-in of forms  
- Settlement of pension issues
- Life certificates

Translations for Import & Export

Translation of balances and statements and business reports  
- Translation of business letters  
- Presentation of products  
- Marketing, market research  
- Bid invitations
- Inquiries, requests, bids
- Customs declarations
- Tax statements  
- Logistics and wholesale trade  
- Translation of catalogue and brochures  
- Biographies, contests, applications to the contest  
- E-mail correspodence
- General correspodence

Technical translation

Technical translation from automobile industry and technique of motor vehicles  
- Technical translation from the domain of aviation, shipbuilding industry and railways
- Technical translation from the domain of electronics
- Telecommunications technique, photo-technique and camera
- Audio / Video electronics
- Technical translation from industrial electronics and electrical engineering  
- Windmills and wind parks, solar plants and various forms of energy sources  
- Software and operating systems and network solutions
- Mechanical engineering, mechanics and hydraulics  
- Measuring technique, plants, devices
- Automatization and process automatization
- Technical translation of process technique  
- Technical translation of communication technique  
- Technical translation of electronic data transfer  
- Technical translation of civil engineering industry, building construction, civil engineering construction, hydro-construction
- Technical translation from the domain of architecture and statics  

Web pages and Software translations  

- Translation of texts for web pages   
- Translation of complete web presentations  
- Translation of particular homepages and web pages  

Medical translations

Human medicine and veterinary medicine
- Alergology, aenesthesia and anatomy
- Biochemistry, dermatology
- Psychology, gynaecology
- Cardiology, urology, oncology
- Clinical studies
- Translation of medical findings and clinical reports  
- Translation of directions and labels  
- Pharmacology  
- Translation of medical professional bibliography
- Medical software

Scientific translations  

- Translation of dissertations, master thesis
- Translation of Master and Bachelor thesis
- Essays and scientific publications
- Translation of professional scientific bibliography


Consecutive translations (meetings, conferences, negotiations, talks)

Please send us Your inquiry to our contact address.
Thank You very much.
Our Team will take care that Your inquiry is processed by specialized translator - collaborator.

Therefore, we would like always to have the following data by our client, in order Your text could be translated in the best possible way:
- Source language and target language  
- Quantity of text (measured in translating cards - characters  or pages)
- Desired deadline for translation  
- Text format of source language and desired format of target language .

Translator will always take care to satisfy the wish of the client. Upon Your inquiry, we will gladly present our offer to You.  

We are the real interlocutors for You for professional translation activity and interpretation of texts. Translators and part-time collaborators that carry out services for this Bureau are working 8 - 10 hours per day in their profession and constantly deal with topics from various professional domains.Our clients use our services because they are convinced in reliability, speed and accuracy of our translations. You may be sure that our translators process every order for translation with the highest priority so that translations could be successful for your Company. Therefore, it is best that You directly turn to personal interlocutor and to contact this Translation Bureau. Translators will immediately take care of your order and forward it to the competent collaborator – translator.

For more information about our translation activity, Your direct interlocutor is Mrs Sanja Stanisljevic:
Phone: + 387 65 517 368

Turn to us, because we are the partners of Your trust.
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